Business Law

Tumer & Sharif specializes in working for small to medium sized businesses, including start-ups and recent acquisitions. We are a full service firm that can help with most business planning and deal with most business problems.

From forming your corporation in a tax-friendly, easy to control way to helping you sell your business, we do it all. And we can handle any hiccups that happen along the way, including nuisance lawsuits, investors, contracts, employee relations and tax planning.

We believe in getting it right the first time and setting up your business to avoid future problems. But we are here to help if any problems do crop up.

We represent clients in both California civil state and federal courts. Our main focus is business defense litigation. When a business is served with a complaint we are ready to defend you. Being sued is a stressful experience and we work hard to minimize the harm both emotionally and financially. Throughout the lawsuit we are in constant contact with our clients to keep them informed about the process. It is said that 99% of cases are dismissed or settled before trial and our goal is to win your case with the least cost to you as soon as possible. Our fair billing policy ensures that you only get billed for true hours worked. And we will not bill you for duplicate work, research and paperwork that we have done before. We know that you are in business to make money and your interest is at the heart of our practice. We do our research, we work hard, and we fight vigorously to defend you.

Among other things, creating a business form can protect you from individual liability. The benifits in limited liabiltiy companies do not just stop there. Depending on the form ( C-Corp,S-Corp, LLC, etc) your buiness can see varying tax benefits and savings. Choosing the proper form for you and your business is crucial and If done wrong you may be face higher taxes and liabilites. Tumer & Sharif guide you through the formation process, informing you on the proper business form for you and your company and prepare and file all necessary documentation to get your entity off the ground.

Today’s America has a lot of rules and regulations for each business – often in areas you don’t even know exist. For example, is your customer counter too high? Transactional counters need to be no higher than 36 inches, or have an area no higher than that for disabled customers.

Tumer & Sharif knows and understands the hidden dangers in running a business in today’s regulated environment. We can take care of the lawsuits that result, but, better yet, we can prevent the lawsuits before they even arrive by properly planning and setting up your business to comply with the hidden rules.

Businesses carry out transactions and make agreements all the time. Tumer & Sharif tailor contracts for your particular matter, placing your interest at heart while still protecting you by covering all the bases. We draft a wide range of legal contracts including, sales contracts, employment agreements, franchise agreements, lease contracts, distribution agreements, venue agreements, shareholder agreements, and more.

Tumer & Sharif has helped many businesses with their customer, vendor and investor relationships. You always want to have the agreement in writing, covering all of the bases. We know how to write a strong contract that will keep your business safe and we know the questions to ask that you may not have thought of.