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Everyone should have an attorney on call. There are so many situations in life and business that require navigating the legal space. Sometimes a short phone call, text, or e-mail to your attorney can solve an issue quickly, giving you the peace of mind and confidence to take the next step. The problem is that usually, engaging with your attorney feels like a tedious process – first you have to get past the receptionist, then, the assistant, and to finally the attorney. Tumer and Sharif offer just the type of service remedy this. Choose a plan that meets your needs.

Get the legal support you need today a fair and affordable cost.

Monthly Plans

Entrepreneur$149 / Billed Monthly

Always need a quick call?
Call with your quick questions and concerns comfortably with 45 minutes of talk & advice.

Business$199 / Billed Monthly

In-depth Time & Advice
1 hour of phone calls and 1 hour of time from your attorney. Get things done.

Executive – $749 / Billed Monthly

Accomplish Your Goals
With three hours of legal work (includes calls), push your business further.

Platinum – $1000+ / Billed Monthly

Customize your legal support, Choose this plan upon approval only*