Riverside County Business Attorneys

Tumer and Sharif are expert business attorneys in Riverside County. With years of experience and a family background in entrepreneurship, they bring a unique, rounded perspective on helping clients through legalities.  

Practice Areas 

Our area of expertise spans the various legal services you may need while starting or running your business. As business attorneys in Riverside County, we want to see businesses start on the right foot. We provide valuable counsel with an understanding of the legal and business sides of every situation. 

Business law is our specialty. Our business law firm serves Riverside County companies, providing a full range of legal aid. This includes everything from ensuring your new business is legally compliant to business defense litigation. 

Another essential aspect of running a business is contracts. A wellwritten contract can save you from potential risks and legal issues in the future. For review, drafting, or negotiation of all types of contracts, have a seasoned business lawyer in Riverside County look it over at Tumer and Sharif. 

For assurance that you won’t have an IRS or FTB letter waiting for you, take the time now to receive help understanding confusing tax information. 

For non-business individuals, we offer personal tax planning and financial aid to California residents. 

Having your affairs in order can give you peace of mind that your family members and loved ones will be taken care of after youre gone. We provide estate planning services, which covers wills, trusts, and information on how to avoid the “death tax. 

If you’re facing an ADA lawsuit, you need to speak with an experienced Riverside County attorney as soon as possible. These cases should be taken seriously. At Tumer and Sharif, we have a track record of expertly defending small and mediumsize businesses from these lawsuits. 

Trademark law can be a tricky concept to grasp, especially when you’re faced with protecting your mark. Learn more about trademark registration and the common law protecting your unregistered company trademark. 

Contact an Experienced, Caring Riverside County Corporate Business Attorney 

If you have an immediate need for legal services or simply have a few questions you’d like to ask a professional, we’re here to help. Our main goal as business attorneys in Riverside County is to serve our clients well and to promote the longevity of your companyReach out to us today for more information on our corporate attorney services.